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Swedish design and workmanship in practice



See the quality and feel the workmanship - that makes a NELO design special

There is something about original design – something that is intangible and very difficult to create. NELO was founded on such a design. This design, Kroken, by Åke Fribyter, remains an enjoyed and appreciated bestseller. For 35 years NELO has continuously designed, developed and marketed unique chairs of unparalleled comfort. NELO chairs’ superb ergonomics allows your body to relax completely in absolute comfort.

The NELO chair easily becomes your favourite place to watch TV, read or just relax in. This is why NELO chairs are most often sold in pairs with a footstool as complement. The chairs matches well with the NELO sofas or with the sofa you may already have.

You will recognize the NELO design by its smooth tapered lines, handcrafted comfortable seating and quality wood and leather. NELO designs come with prime leather up-holstering but other options are available. The present designs are created by renowned designers such as Åke Fribyter, Erik Marquardsen, Takasi Okamura, Kolbrún Leósdottir and Leó Jóhannsson. Many of the designs have extra features such as swivel base, reclineable back, adjustable head-rests and side trays.

NELO AB main office and showroom is in the south of Sweden, in an area where beautiful beech trees grow. The NELO collection is sold throughout most parts of the world. Please contact us for your closest representative.